Addressing Your Private Protection and Intelligence Needs

TEC9 Secure Solutions provide a suite of services that will ensure your safety, gather information, serve court documents, and recover fugitives. Our highly trained professionals are well-equipped to handle a variety of tasks and produce results that exceed our client’s expectations.

TEC9 Secure Solutions

Whether you need protection at a social event or a business engagement, our team provides you with unparalleled protection from all types of threats. We offer armed and unarmed security that can be changed to give you the ideal security detail for the current situation. You’ll always be in our protection no matter the location from executive offices to the local sporting goods store.

We have a dedicated team of private investigators that will gather evidence, surveillance material, and other information for you. The material we gather and produce can be used in a legal proceeding ranging from criminal defense to family law issues. We also offer the tracking of missing persons or items upon your request.

Our team can track down individuals and serve them with court documents as well as subpoena demanding their appearance at court. We use a variety of tracking and research methods to identify a person’s current location and promptly deliver to them the documents without issue.

We track and carry out arrests on individuals or groups who have skipped bail. Our team cooperates with local law enforcement to apprehend these fugitives and have them fulfill their responsibilities to the court.

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Every member of our team is in their prime physical condition and fully trained in various types of self-defense techniques. If you’re interested in using any of our services, reach out to us today. Our team is ready to help address your security and intelligence needs.