Committed to Providing Superb Protection and Investigation Services

TEC9 Secure Solutions is the trusted expert for all of your private security and intelligence concerns. Whether it's protection for an event or surveillance on a particular entity, you can trust our highly trained professionals to produce results that exceed your expectations.

TEC9 Secure Solutions

Our Founder

Charles Washington is a military veteran with more than 26 years of experience serving in the armed forces. It has always been his dream to operate an independent business using the skills and expertise he has gained in the past several years to help people. He founded our company to provide excellent private security backed by comprehensive military techniques and training.

You Are the Priority

Our company’s goal is to provide unmatched protection and client satisfaction on every assignment we handle. We perform every task with fine attention to detail to ensure your safety regardless of the current situation.

A Highly Respectful Team

We strive to reflect professionalism and tactfulness in everything that we do. Our team values your trust and recognizes its importance in this type of work. That’s why we’re always open to communicating with you, promptly accommodating your request while ensuring your safety.

Get Connected

For questions, concerns, or anything else you’d like to discuss with us, feel free to contact our office today. We are eager to be of assistance.